Gay Marriage Really Isn’t the Main Issue (You should have seen this coming…)

Christians and social conservatives are appalled at the speed with which gay marriage has gained the status of a civil right in the United States. Their attempts to push back the avalanche of change has been met with judicial decisions unfavorable to their cause, and reaction has been one of disbelief and consternation that something […]

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Why I Do What I Do

“Nothing, I suspect, is more astonishing in any man’s life than the discovery that there do exist people very, very like himself.” ~CS Lewis, Surprised By Joy Lewis wrote this while reminiscing about a boy named Arthur who was bedridden from an illness. The boy Lewis was invited to visit Arthur during his recovery. Lewis […]

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“As a legal opinion, Obergefell is an utter failure, relying as it does on a tenuous and historically ungrounded jurisprudence of “dignity.” The debate over same-sex marriage is not over. A constitutional ruling so shoddily reasoned, so completely and easily dismantled by the dissents, must paper over a cause that cannot ultimately win in an […]

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