Normal Sexuality (Or ‘straight’ is not an orientation)

Thanks to the new ‘gay’ doctrine that has infected the thinking of our culture, it is now orthodox to think of sexuality in terms of an orientation. Consequently people are now broadly categorized by their supposed sexual orientation as straight, gay, or bisexual, or by any number of variations on these themes. This terminology has become so pervasive, that even Christians are now accustomed to think and speak in the same way.

But does this really reflect the biblical portrayal of human sexuality as designed and intended by God?

If we look at the summary account of the creation of the first, and therefore prototypical, humans in Gen. 1:26-28, we see immediately that God created us male and female, a sexual distinction that appears to be a component part of the image of God we bear. And then if we take a look at Gen. 2:4-24, which focuses in detail on the creation of mankind, we see that the woman was specifically created to be the complement to the man. As the Apostle Paul writes in 1 Cor. 11:9, the woman was made for the man.

It certainly does not demand a lot of deep thinking here to conclude that God created us humans with the definite intention that we would be other-sex attracted, or to put it in the current vernacular, that our orientation would be a ‘straight’ one.

The obvious deduction is of course that there was never an intention on God’s part that males and females would ever be attracted to the same sex or to both sexes. These are orientations that were never a part of the original design in creation, which was that males and females were made for each other.

So let’s take another look at all this talk about a sexual orientation.

Given the creation information stated above, it would be much better, and much more biblical, to speak not of a sexual orientation, but of a normal sexual attraction. That would be the sexual desire of a man for a woman and a woman for a man. That’s how God made us. All the subsequent biblical references to normal sexuality proceed from this primal fact of creation. It’s an assumption that doesn’t require frequent repetition to make the point that men and women were meant to go together.

This being the case, any other form of sexual attraction is not properly termed an orientation, but rather a deviation from the creation norm and contrary to God’s original intention for the human race.

The implications here should be obvious.

First, to be ‘straight’ is not just one of several possible sexual orientations. It is the norm! And therefore it is not to be equated with a same-sex inclination, because that is NOT the norm. The common gay retort that ‘straight is just your orientation’ is really quite nonsensical when assessed from this perspective.

Second, other sexual attractions are not alternative acceptable orientations, but desires for what is opposed to the will of God as plainly expressed in creation. Or put more plainly, any sexual attraction other than a male/female attraction is abnormal and unnatural. And this is precisely the way all non-heterosexual desires and actions are described in the Bible.

Third, sexual attraction is a definite moral issue. If God has established what is sexually normal in creation, then any deviation from that norm is a violation of the will and purpose of God for the human race. There is no non-moral talk of sexual orientations in the Bible. Every kind of sexual desire and activity other than male/female sex within the confines of monogamous male/female marriage is condemned as a violation of the intention, design, and law of God.

Fourth, homosexuality is therefore not a fixed and permanent sexual orientation. Because it is primarily a moral issue or a departure from what is normal, it is capable of renunciation and alteration. Put another way, because it is essentially a spiritual matter, it can be changed by the grace and power of God.

And so, given these considerations, it would be good if Christians jettisoned once and for all the popular talk about sexual orientations and adopted a more biblical form of expression regarding sexual attraction. Thinking and speaking in terms of an orientation plays too much into the perspective of gay thought on this issue.

Some might respond that the word orientation can mean simply an inclination in a specific direction. I will not quibble over the use of the word in this way. But that’s not generally what is meant by the gay world when they speak of an orientation. They mean a fixed and permanent sexual preference for the same sex that is intricately and irreversibly bound up in the psyche and defines them as a person.

Such a concept is foreign to scripture and is essentially a repudiation of the information given to us by God in the Bible. It is therefore tantamount to agreement with and acceptance of the gay-inspired idea of a sexual orientation to use the word in this way, language which I would like to see rejected by Christians.

Let’s speak instead of a biblically defined normal sexuality that is the standard against which all other sexual attractions are evaluated and found wanting.


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