The ‘Orientation’ Juggling Act

The term ‘sexual orientation’ is often treated in pro-gay literature as some sort of sacred amulet to be used to put an end to all discussion about homosexuality: “This is the person’s sexual orientation; nothing can be done about that.” Although pro-gay defenders have worked tirelessly to advance the idea that sexual orientation refers to an innate […]

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‘Love’ Biblically Defined

The wisdom of secular society has failed to define love biblically. To our self-indulgent, narcissistic, perennially adolescent, self-willed culture, “love” means nothing more than Carl Rogers’ notion of unconditional positive regard. To “love” someone, according to our society, is to affirm every decision they make and to applaud them just for being them. Bruno Mars’ […]

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Monogamy is the Wrong Emphasis

It has become quite common in the current debate over homosexual practice to assert that there is nothing wrong with homoerotic relationships as long as they are monogamous. Monogamy for many has become the determinant factor in giving legitimacy to same-sex relationships. From a biblical perspective this focus is flawed. It is tantamount to arguing […]

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