Monogamy is the Wrong Emphasis

It has become quite common in the current debate over homosexual practice to assert that there is nothing wrong with homoerotic relationships as long as they are monogamous.

Monogamy for many has become the determinant factor in giving legitimacy to same-sex relationships.

From a biblical perspective this focus is flawed. It is tantamount to arguing that a sexual relationship between two siblings is not so bad as long as the relationship remains monogamous.

Most people would recognize immediately the flaw in such an argument. The non-incestuous requirement of sexual relationships is a higher priority than their monogamous character. In fact, a faithful or life-long incestuous union is worse than a short-term incestuous union because it perpetuates what is abhorrent to God. And to assert, as the Corinthians may well have in 1 Cor. 5, that a committed incestuous union is better than engaging in promiscuous non-incestuous relationships would surely be a perverse form of reasoning.

The same applies, and even more so, to homoerotic relationships.

For the authors of Scripture and undoubtedly for Jesus, the sex-complementarity of sexual unions is much more of an essential feature of human sexual expression than monogamy. Only the non-bestial quality of sexual relationships would be treated as more fundamental.

The scriptures are quite clear that, as high as our view of monogamy may be, our view on the limitation of sexual unions to males and females should be higher still.


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