Some (Perhaps) Necessary Clarification

Several months ago one of my pastors spoke on the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and on what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. Since those sermons I’ve been asked from time to time what I thought about them. And I was just recently asked again.

I guess I’m quite surprised that anyone would think I disagreed with anything that was said, which makes me think that I have either been quite misunderstood or I have not been very clear in explaining myself. So let me clarify where I’m coming from.

First, things I’ve said are not concerned primarily with homosexuals en masse. Now while I’m of course concerned about the need that all homosexuals have to hear the gospel, that hasn’t been my focus. So what my pastor said about this was nothing that I would disagree with. The Bible’s teaching on homosexual activity and on what constitutes marriage is quite clear.

Second, my general concern in what I write is to deal with the so-called ‘gay christian’ movement that has been very organized and activist in disseminating its propaganda. So I say things in that context that I wouldn’t say to the ‘non-christian’ gay community. The one requires a defensive stance, the other an evangelistic one. That’s two different things requiring different approaches.

Third, my primary concern is to try to offer counsel and support to Christians who battle with same-sex attraction. And among those I am most concerned for believers who have been converted out of a very active homosexual background like I was. They have very unique struggles that the church has not done a good job of addressing. Most of the help offered is superficial because unempathetic and uncomprehending.

I suspect it’s this third area of concern that may have contributed to the feeling that I might have had some disagreement with those sermons. But that’s not the case because this was not the concern — at least the immediate concern — of those sermons. I am quite aware that some things I say about and to this third group may make some people a bit uncomfortable, but my general views of homosexuality from a biblical perspective are exactly those that were expressed in those sermons.

I hope that clarifies things for anyone who might have been wondering.


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