A Ship Named Harvey Milk

A July 14, 2016 notification signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus indicated that he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler the USNS Harvey Milk. The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.

You may have seen this in the news, but you may not know who Harvey Milk is.

Harvey served in the US Navy during the Korean War as a diving officer, so that’s his connection with the Navy. But he is famously (or infamously) known as the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California, when in 1977 he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

He is perhaps best known for his fight against the Briggs Initiative, a statewide ballot question that would have banned openly homosexual teachers from public schools. The ballot would have passed, but with the help of Governor Ronald Reagan (not as conservative as we think), who opposed the measure, it failed by a wide margin, and gay school teachers have been here to stay ever since.

Milk served almost 11 months in office and was responsible for passing a stringent gay rights ordinance for the city of San Francisco. But on November 27, 1978, Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated and Harvey became an instant gay rights martyr.

And now Harvey gets a ship named for him as the queering of the US armed forces moves ahead.

But one thing you won’t hear about Ol’ Harvey from the admiring socially progressive world is that his sexual preference had a very decided — but even yet socially objectionable — preference. Harvey liked ‘em young.

The public first learned of his taste for teenage boys with the publication of his biography “The Mayor of Castro Street” by Randy Shilts. As the San Francisco Chronicle’s first openly homosexual reporter, Shilts covered the “gay beat” and was also a friend of Milk.  But Shilts was also honest — a rare trait in the LGBTQ movement — and he honestly wrote about Milk’s track record with boys half his age.

Now this isn’t to suggest that all homosexual men have an interest in young boys, but it is a frequently found pattern among gay men that is obscured by gay activist reporting. Not only is this true of Harvey Milk, but it‘s also true of other gay heroes like Chad Sevearance, Barney Frank’s boyfriend Stephen Gobie, Gerry Studds, and Terry Bean of the Human Rights Campaign.

Isn’t the gay world repulsed by these underage relationships? If there are any homosexuals who dissent from all the Harvey Milk idol worship, they are awfully quiet. But they always are, unless the grown men who bed young boys are Catholic priests, Boy Scout leaders, or Republican politicians, who represent the anti-gay element of our society and must be made an example of.

That’s because the gay rights movement has always been about sexual liberation, and not necessarily among consenting adults only. The “consenting adults” part was really a development of the 1980’s when the movement learned that the public would be more willing to soften its position on sex between adult men much more readily than its stance on sex between men and boys. So the boy-diddlers were told to get lost, at least until the public is ready to accept them too.

And that day is probably not all that far away. If we can name a US naval vessel in honor of a gay activist who engaged in illegal sexual acts with underage boys, then the door is open a whole lot wider than it was before.

Pedosexual rights are just a matter of time.


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