Dialogue With A Pastor’s ‘Gay’ Son – #17: On Cultural Masculinity (Part 2)

(This is the 17th dialogue in this series. It’s an edited and reconstructed version of the actual talk, but it accurately represents the essence of what was said. This is done with his permission, provided all personal references are omitted. I pick it up as usual after the opening chit-chat.) Him: I’ve been thinking a lot […]

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‘Love’ Biblically Defined

The wisdom of secular society has failed to define love biblically. To our self-indulgent, narcissistic, perennially adolescent, self-willed culture, “love” means nothing more than Carl Rogers’ notion of unconditional positive regard. To “love” someone, according to our society, is to affirm every decision they make and to applaud them just for being them. Bruno Mars’ […]

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